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whit's end mom

Wow! Sounds like you covered all the bases. Since my husband travels 50% of the year, we don't always have him for dinner. We do tend to eat late, but we also do the 4:00 snack idea as well. And we eat MANY meals at sporting events--the easiest being calzones. Sometimes we eat supper without the Daddy, but then serve up dessert when he arrives. We are eating different courses, but at least we are all at the table together. Basically, I take the approach that having The Daddy there is a bonus. A gift. Something special. Kudos to you for tackling this!


Eating different courses together is a good idea--I have thought of it, but haven't tried it yet. And I like the idea of calzones. I have been making up burritos with any leftovers from Mexican type dishes for portable meals, and they have been popular, but calzones would be a welcome change.

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