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I had that very book in my hands recently! I should have bought it. Thank you for the recommendation.
Your pictures are lovely and I enjoyed reading about your big Father's day celebrations.


BTW, there is an adult version of her story: "Falling Leaves", but according to amazon.com it doesn't have as many "stars" in reviews as the Cinderella version. I think this was why I had put the book back, I had wanted to look for the adult copy. Anyway, thanks again!


Hi Shanda,
I just finished "Falling Leaves" last night, staying up very late to do so. I agree that it isn't as well written as Chinese Cinderella but I devoured it for the extra information it added about the author's life. I highly recommend both. I can't stop thinking about Adeline, and what a tragedy it is when parents that reject a child.

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