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Very interesting. I have a love/hate relationship with phones in general, however, I agree that the camera is a great bonus!

I've been thinking of you a lot lately, as it is now the beautiful fall season here in our neck of the woods. And you'll be having a birthday this month!


Thanks Shanda. I will never forget your story about hiding a certain phone in the freezer! I threaten that from time to time in our house :). I'm looking forward to photos of autumn on your blog. Enjoy!


My boyfriend and I are looking to relocate to the Melbourne or Sydney area. We are in Milwaukee WI and I was wondering did you go on a work and holiday visa and then file for residency or did you file for residency right away? We are hoping to find a job before going there, however with the work Holiday Visa you can only stay 12 months and work up to 6 months at a place and then find something else. I just have a feeling that if I go on this visa and have an amazing job that I will want to stay longer than the 12 months and we are both under 30 so that is a plus too! Any info that you can give me would be awesome!!

Thanks Laurel


Hi Laurel,
That's very exciting that you are planning a move to Australia. I am sure you will love it. We came on a work visa organised by my husband's company. We did briefly consider applying for permanent residency, but I never actually began the paperwork as we decided to return back to Pittsburgh in 2014. Getting a job beforehand is probably the easiest, particularly if the company will do the paperwork. Otherwise, I would suggest doing a bit more research---there are lots of online forums where you can ask questions. The book "Living and Working in Australia" would probably be helpful. Also, consider joining Internations.org as they seem to have lots of twenty-somethings as members. Good luck! Christie

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