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Oh my Christie, I was laughing so hard when I read this!! Both for you and for Cameron! You may have freaked out just a bit?! Maybe? Such a good caring Mom you are to get so upset! I guess maybe I have thought- "I failed it all" too many times myself to take someone else's so literally. What a frustrating afternoon that must have been.
On the other hand- if my child has a dead phone- they had better get on someone else's phone and tell me or get their butt home immediately!!!! We take texting/communicating when out of the house seriously here - read it and answer appropriately and promptly or you don't go out for a LONG time! (Ok- maybe a week)
Oh the trials one must live through now that will bring back so many wonderful memories when retold years from now!


Suzanne, I am glad that you got a good laugh out of the story. It is funny now that it is over. You were the friend I had in mind, by the way, that recommended texting to me. That was a long time ago. Clearly I need some followup advice from you---I will keep in mind the way you impose consequences if the phone is ignored.

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