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Feeling for you. :(


Thanks Suzanne. You know as well as anyone all the ups and downs (mostly ups) of our Australian experience, and how much I fretted ahead of time over the potential downsides. As for worrying about the return, there certainly will be positives, including living closer to cousins!

Crystal Keller

Christie - I've been thinking of you and the kids and Ross so often and I've been praying for you - each of you. I'm so sorry for the pain but as you said, the blessing is that you've had an amazing 5 years and there is much to grieve. Glad you will be doing it together with all those you love on that side of the pond. I'll keep praying for each breath and each step you take in faith trusting God to go with you through it. Love you!!!!


Hi Crystal, I appreciate your thoughts and prayers, and I think of you so often, particularly when out enjoying a flat white and a slice. Love and hugs to you as well.

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