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Completely jealous of your fall foliage view! That is one thing I really miss from home.


Gorgeous view, Christie! You are quite lucky. Personally, I find the fall/winter/spring time the best in Sydney. It's not that I don't like summer... it's excessive sweating that I'm opposed to. LOL! You are in Melby, right?


what a lovely light filled spot you have there to admire the changing of seasons, love the city of Melbourne, there is so much to see and do there


Thanks!---Melbourne is truly an amazing city. Samantha, I sympathize with you missing the fall colors--it's always been on my list of regrets when we have lived outside of the northeastern U.S. Fall foliage in Melbourne was such a pleasant surprise. Yvette, We have lived in Melbourne for nearly four years now. We love nearly everything about it, except for the hot, hot days in summer, so I agree with you about the seasons, except that we do get it colder than Sydney does in winter.


The photos you posted are absolutely gorgeous. I try frequently to capture the beauty surrounding me in Sydney, and on vacations all around Australia and my photos often fall short. Your photos on the other hand are stunning. The images are of simple, every day things, and yet the photos have so much emotion shining through, especially the photo of your desk. Thanks for these images :-)


Thanks, Jackie, for the kind words. Trying to capture the beauty in the magnificent scenery, as well as in the everyday, has been one of my goals while living in Australia.


Aw, that is a lovely view! I have my desk up to the window too. I love the natural sunlight pouring in (on normal days, not 108-degrees days).


Thanks Cosette! Here's hoping there aren't too many 108-degree days left this year … Surely we have had enough of them.

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