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Loved going on your days journey with you. I love the stained glass bit in the window (in my mind it is a tulip - tulips are my favorite). So cute how the little one crawled back into bed with his uniform on. All the food looked sooo yummy! & You really had me tricked at the end - I thought your fam kicked it into high gear and finished all the chores for you. I was really impressed! I had a good laugh when I got to the punch line. :-)


If I made the author the very funny 'Sydney Smiles' blog laugh, then that makes me happy. I hope you noticed the roasted potatoes … as for what the image is in the stained glass, I have never even thought about it before---a tulip sounds good to me!

Shanda Ives

Christie, I also laughed at your punch line. :) What a delightful, family filled post of little but oh so important moments!

Sarah Moore

Dear Christie, I so enjoyed your Monday! My regret is that had not starting reading your blog earlier, you have a wonderful way with words that is so personal and informative! Love it, Sarah

Pinky Watson

Better late than never! And now I look forward to your resettling stories. Excellent work, Christie. And much less day to day boring than keeping a journal.

Take good care. And be safe and calm. Cry if you want (!)

Love Your neighbour and fellow Expat but now not


I'm glad you are late rather than never. And I so wish that I could cry, because I do want to, but I can't … I only wish we had started chatting sooner. Please stay in touch!

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