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Wow. I''m pretty blown away that we essentially wrote about the same thing. As long as we keep trying - I think that is what really counts!


I agree. And I thought the same thing when I read your post--with the exception of some minor details, you wrote my story.


Sometimes I think that adults are less social than children, or maybe the circumstances make it harder. For example, when I think of how I met my closest friends, it happened primarily at school, and I've made a few friends at work. But now I don't go to school and I don't go to work so that limits my interaction with people tremendously. So, I end up looking for Facebook groups and Meetups based around my interests and hope to join a social club of sorts. I've met some folks that way, but even after nearly two years here, I can't say I have made any close friends.


Mine is very similar, too! Seems to be a common theme emerging.


Australians are friendly and make small talk readily on the first time you meet them, but are far more guarded when taking it beyond that level. This caught me out a few times the first time I lived here. Then I lived in the UK, and particularly Edinburgh which is famed for its standoffish avoidance of anyone new. When I returned to Australia, I found it a breeze.... My theory is that in spite of virtues of directness and candour, Australians also possess a strong preference for conformity that comes from a frontier country with a hard climate. It makes them a little suspicious of outsiders until they prove they are staying and willing to fit in... " served their time." Friendship circles of "mates" have often been in place since school or Uni and history counts. These almost sacred "mateships" are enduring and virtually indestructible. That makes it hard for an outsider to break into an inner circle immediately (ie for years). Having said that, we have found Melbourne has a very sociable character which made it easier to settle into. Perhaps we have moved so many times that practice makes perfect. After 7 cities and four countries, I really think Melbourne has something very civilized that allows one to ease on in - but just don't expect BFFs until you have served your time....


That's fair enough. True friendship takes time in any case.


PS. I love the photo of the kids in the cockpit. They look so excited. That would have made it so special. I didn't know airlines did that anymore. Great to see.


The pilot made it happen. He walked through the entire 747 searching for kids. It was a fun moment. It almost made up for the fourteen hour flight.

Amy Smith

These are probably the same two I would have picked for myself. You expressed it beautifully, as always.


Thanks for that Amy!

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