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Lol. I love your description of your children's introduction to Vegemite, so funny. You know, I don't think I have tried the fairy bread myself - but I have for sure heard about it - might have to give it a go someday.


There is a 'fancy' version of fairy bread on Taste.com.au. In my opinion, however, fairy bread is better to look at than to actually eat.


The key to vegemite is toast with a thick layer of butter, melting, and a pea-sized scraping of Vegemite. I can't even imagine putting what I thought was nutella in my mouth only to get vegemite!


People keep asking me if I've given Hushpuppy Vegemite, yet. It's a completely common thing for babies here. Ummm...hello sodium...no, I haven't! Of course, she does eat Skippy peanut butter like there's no tomorrow, which probably isn't exactly the healthiest, either.

Good call on the passion fruit pulp. We may have cornered the market on marshmallows and graham crackers, but the U.S. should really get wise to the wonders of passion fruit.


Americans tend to try Vegemite the way they eat peanut butter or Nutella: by the spoonful. What a mistake that is! A little Vegemite goes a long way, but I admit I don't love it. I think the only Aussie product I've really adopted wholeheartedly is muesli.


We like to say that the only people who genuinely like vegemite are the ones who have had it spoon fed to them as a baby. I personally don't mind it on toast with lots of melted butter and a slice of tasty cheese. But I don't think it's worth the effort. Interestingly, it was Aussies who had spread it on thickly the first and only time my kids ate it. Cristin, I don't blame you for not feeding it to your baby. I wouldn't either. Cosette, I agree about the muesli. Sadly I only recently discovered bircher muesli. I am making up for lost time by making it and ordering it whenever possible. Yum!


OMG! I love your post. Thanks for showing us everything. I should start reading everyone else's before I write my own. Thought I was gonna pee myself when you described your kids going from fairy bread to vegemite. Unfortunately, I'm not an adventurous eater. Really wish I were. But I like muesli on my yogurt too. :)

Kim Haytock

I really enjoyed reading this- thanks for sharing! Curious to know why you like the evap milk in your coffee, like how does it taste in comparison to half and half?


Kim, I had heard of eval. milk recommended as a lower-fat alternative to half and half. I tried it and rejected it when we lived in Pittsburgh. Evaporated milk seems to have a similar texture to half and half--it makes the coffee nice and creamy. However, you definitely have to adjust to a taste difference. After we visited Singapore where the coffee is very thick and dark, and most people drink their coffee with sweetened condensed milk, I decided to try again.


One of my Canadian friends detests the pink marshmallows here and even refuses to eat the white ones, because they have been 'infected' by sharing a bag with the pink ones! I never really noticed much difference until she pointed it out...but yes, it's true...the marshmallows are definitely different!


Yep, the Aussie marshmallows are just not the same, and if you try to use them in American recipes, they won't work! They don't melt properly, and they have a funny flavor (maybe it's just the 'infected' pink ones that are flavored! Ha). All that said, they probably have far fewer chemicals in them.

Shanda Ives

So fascinating! I loved the part about the passion fruit and how you like to let the juice run.....

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