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Life is just filled with spaces between rocks and hard places, isn't it? You want R to fulfill his dreams. You want to be established and stable in a community. You want your kids to have life long friendship. It's tough to be constantly - moving, adjusting, and readjusting. Too bad life didn't just have an easy button!

I hope you find that happy medium & try not to worry too much about what other people think of you as you return to the States. I swear we give much more consideration to what people might think of us - than they are actually thinking. :-)


Ha. That's very good advice. I would like to think that I have learned to worry less about what people think of me, but it's still a work in progress.

Lesley Bruns

Good article Christie. While Ned and I didn't move to a different country we moved from Cranberry to North Carolina for 5 years. I can attest that when we came back I felt like I had to start over again. I think the difference for us is that when we moved we had just had our first child. Some of our friends had no children yet. We had all been young couples who hung out and did what we wanted, when we wanted because we had no kids. When we returned, everyone now had children and was in the midst of their new parent roles and had formed new relationships with other parents and friends. But for us what made it worse actually was NOT having facebook. We lost contact with so many of these friends when we moved. You can't just pick up where you left off after 5 years of having little contact. While facebook has frustrated me lately with all of it's new changes I certainly believe it allows us to stay connected whether we are near or far. You aren't gone and forgotten but gone...with pictures, stories and constant connections on facebook. It certainly helps to make the transition back much easier. People still know who you are, where you've been, and the changes you've been through. I think it is pretty cool.


Thanks for those thoughts, Lesley. It certainly is a new world with all of the online communication available. It's good to remember that we haven't been completely forgotten :).

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