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Hahaha. "Regrets are a speciality of mine," great opening line! I think at times regrets are well worth exploring, because - it is through our regrets we learn how we wish to change the future.


Good point. I guess the trick is learning when it is no longer useful to keep wallowing in them, and to actually move ahead and change.


Regrets are speciality of mine, as well - you can probably guess from my having written this prompt! How great that your older kids read your posts. What a great record for your family to have. I never thought of it that way, but now I'm glad to be documenting my little family's journey, as well.


Yes, thanks Cristin, for the opportunity to indulge in my favorite pastime! One of the good things about this digital online world are the additional ways of communicating with teens, often a tricky venture at best. I remember your comment about how the online world can actually support real-life connections, and this is one example I think. Sometimes the written word of a blog post is more powerful or less confronting than a face to face conversation.


This is a great entry. The thing is that we just never know how our blogs are gonna go. We all have the benefit of hindsight now. I don't think you should have regrets. It sounds like you're doing amazing things.


Thanks for the kind words and encouragement, Cosette. Greatly appreciated.


What a great post! I haven't even thought about some of these things! I love the pictures of your family. I started my blog to keep in touch and help my family keep track of us, too, but I'm not even sure my family at home reads mine blog!

Aunt Marion

Regrets..everyone has them. I am so glad that you have kept us informed about your life in another continent. It has been like a breath of fresh air to read of your travels and of your everyday life.. I wouldn't change a thing about your writing!


You are hardcore! I love your writing skills. I also checked out your friend's blog and started following her. She's awesome too! Thanks for sharing.

Shanda Ives

Love the pictures, I could feel the nervousness just looking at them, knowing what was in store for you!

You are doing a great job of improving your work. I for one enjoy going through my favorite bloggers' first posts and seeing the difference the years make as they grow and improve. Some of them seem fresher and more honest in their earlier posts. So don't be too hard on yourself, although I do understand what you're saying.

I see your blog as quality work, with so much thought and effort put into it. I'm glad it has become a valuable outlet for you as it entertains and teaches your readers! xo


Thanks, again, to all for the encouragement and kind words.

Kirsty Rice

I've only just seen this, thanks for the mention. Loved this post, I also have regrets with my blog but having just started a podcast I think one of the joys is looking back at how far you've come and what knowing enough to know what you'd change. I also wish I'd learnt html

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