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Aw, this is kind of sad. And funny. I'm from Miami so it's especially amusing. If the hotel was near the airport, that is a dodgy area - just industrial and isolated at night - and you did right by staying in though you would have been fine if you wandered out to more popular areas. You probably weren't ripped of by the taxi driver. If you traveled from the airport area to the downtown passport office, that's a bit aways. I'm glad it all get resolved in the end. I'm pretty paranoid with my passport and guard it very closely.


Thanks, Cosette. The goal was to make the post more funny than sad in the spirit of "fun" Wednesdays. I'm sure I would not be nearly so worried in Miami these days, and I was treated really well by everyone.


Wow! What an ordeal to go through at 19 years old. I can sympathize with being a small town girl from the midwest terrified of the big city. I can just imagine how I would have felt had that been me. Glad you made it through. PS Geez oh Pete's, I think it's highly unfair your hubby still still doesn't trust with any travel documents. I say you deserve another chance. ;-)


Have you been back to Miami? You simply MUST go back! I'm sure it's awesome. I was robbed in NYC on NYE, but I absolutely LOVE New York! LOL


Yvette, yes I have gone back to Miami and had a much happier experience. What's not to love when it's 82 degrees in Miami and below freezing in Pittsburgh! I also love NYC, although funnily enough it took an Australian friend to convince me to visit there. I liked it so much, we made a return trip one year later. Samantha, thanks for your support. I'll tell him you said so :). Although, sigh, he really is much better at keeping track of stuff. One of my favorite travel moments was when he walked away from his phone and wallet at security and started heading to the gate.


I am enjoying this blog challenge. Something different every day to look forward to. Keep it up.


Love how you wrote this. I was completely enthralled with the story. I would have been exactly the same at 19! Don't suppose your original passport ever turned up?


No, my passport never did show up, so it was probably stolen rather than lost. I had to wait six months before I could get a true replacement just in case it got turned in. David, I'm glad at least one reader is enjoying this challenge as much as I am. Thanks for the comment.

Shanda Ives

Okay, I did laugh at a few details, I used to think that 19 was oh so grown up but I guess we are at the age now to realize that it's such a young age, so vulnerable, making mistakes and having to figure out what to do all alone! You made it through stronger and better!

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