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That really does look like a magical day! I am gonna need to add this place to the bucket list too! Kangaroos w/ joeys! Duck billed platypuses! Sign me up!


It's a very worthwhile side trip to take in conjunction with visiting Canberra. I love how understated it is. You show up thinking it will just be another bush walk, and instead, there's wildlife that you struggle to find elsewhere, and in a gorgeous setting to boot.


What a gorgeous spot. How lucky that you got to see a platypus - my understanding is that they're pretty elusive. Can definitely see how this would be preferable to another day of museums in Canberra!


I didn't really expect to ever see a platypus in the great outdoors, particularly since they are nocturnal. As we walked up to the pond, a couple of people standing there told us to be sure and look as they had been watching one swim, and sure enough, there s(he) was.


I can't tell you how excited I am to see that photo of the kangaroo with the joey. Couldn't be more excited unless I had seen it with my own two eyes!!


There's nothing like a joey sticking its little head out to make you fall in love with the kangaroo all over again.


Great pictures and beautiful wildlife sitings. So glad you decided to take that walk!

Amy Smith

We are enjoying trying to identify the lizard. Is it some sort of dragon?


Amy, I think it is a goanna, but I'm not the reptile expert around here.

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