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April R

You hit the nail on the head! Great post and I love the six points. For me, my husband would move to America tomorrow. I would rather stay here, esp now that we have a baby on the way. This post just further confirms my feelings. Great job.


I really appreciate the kind words, April. All the best with the baby!


I love how honest you are about how hard it was at times! I can so relate, especially to the accusations of, "it's all your fault..." I totally say crapola like that in my stressed and less than finer moments.

It's very interesting reading you perspective. I can only imagine how much more of a challenge settling into this new life is with 4 kids you need to guide along the way.


Thanks, Samantha, I probably should have clarified that I'm not exactly proud of the "I't's all your fault" moments. I included them because I ended up there even though I thought we thought we were prepared ahead of time for the difficulties of an overseas move. It was our third time after all! But it's still always hard.

Shanda Ives

You have gone through so much with this latest move, but I continue to be astounded by how well you all have adjusted and made the most of your experience, even though it wasn't easy.


It is indeed a stunning experience both good and bad. Luckily I didn't have any kids when I first started moving but the losing friends part and making new friends, which is equally hard, made me quite emotionally unstable for a while. Luckily I worked with people my own age and they were very understandig. it is a normal experience to hate and love moving, but I haven't met anyone who has regretted a move overseas and have met a lot that regret not going.

Michele Baker

Great article! I am planing to move to a new country next year and I am worried how my kids will cope with the new environment. Thank you for sharing your own experience!

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