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Wow! Your photos are absolutely amazing! You have really gotten a chance to see Australia! That crocodile photo is terrifying!


Thanks Samantha. Looking through four years' worth of sightseeing does make it seem like we've covered lots of territory. I'm sure that we never would have done close to the same amount of traveling had we stayed in the U.S.


You have made amazing use of your time here! All that travel with four kids, much respect! Hehehe. They will have the best memories of their years in Australia :)


Incredible photos. The sunset at Kakadu looks like a painting. Also, absolutely love the composition of the first one with the kangaroos. Love that you chose several to share, as they're all gorgeous. It really is a lucky country.


Thanks, Cristin, it's a lucky country indeed. The kangaroos we saw briefly from the back of a jeep. I had only a moment to capture them with a small point and shoot camera. Leana, you are right about the joys of travel with four kids. What the photos don't show are all the hours of squabbling and complaining in cars, on airplanes and while bushwalking! Let's hope that part fades and only the good memories remain.


Like everyone else, I cannot believe the photos you have captured. WOW! Totally impressed and jelly.


Awesome sites and captures of them! You have truly gotten all the benefits of leaving the house that you could get in Australia. Hope you have backups and prints so you can look at them and remember for years and years to come. 4 years of photos and you have really captured a fantastic brief summary right here in this pictorial post. Great job!

Amy Smith

Wow. Just wow.


Wow, you have been absolutely everywhere in Australia! Do you have any other places on your bucket list? We've done a fair bit, but have yet to head down to Tassie and the Great Ocean Road. Just love these photos.


We do still have a bucket list. It includes many things we won't get to see such as Broome, the Kimberleys, Byron Bay, Western Tasmania and all of New Zealand. We plan to go to Margaret river, Perth and the Ningaloo Reef in April. That will be our last trip. As for the great ocean road, you must go! It is stunning. We have traveled it so often that our friends have dubbed it "Wilkin Way."


Beautiful photos! I especially love that first one of the kangaroos. I've seen a kangaroo here and there, but nothing like that.

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