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Love this idea. That line about not caring about money, just wanting to keep people safe is so sweet. I hope his little buddy comes to visit you - friendships like that are certainly worth holding onto.


Thanks, Cristin. It was a sweet moment when he said that. It took me completely by surprise.


What a great idea! I can't wait until my kids are old enough to interview like this. It'll be great for both of you to look back on in the future. I love all the aspects of his personality- firefighter, soccer player and fashion conscious!


Thanks, Kelli. His answers were a gift--they made the post easy to write. It is such fun to watch personality develop in kids---you have lots to look forward to.


I wish I had done this with all my children when they were younger. I love his insight at this age. Friends, safety and fun. The fashion thing is just gorgeous. I also think his response with looking forward to snow is a great one. As an Aussie I love the snow and bemoan my OS friends who complain all the time. It is all a matter of perspective, even at 7.


Thanks, Joanne. I wasn't really sure whether to include the fashion bit, but in the end decided it was an important part of who he is right now. You are so right about perspective---I will try to remember that during our first winter back in North America when it is time to shovel the driveway!


I'm with the youngest TCK - an island filled with all your loved ones sounds awesome. Gosh, I am all full of feels reading this - especially when he talked about being worried about never seeing T again. :-( I hope they stay in touch! <3


Too funny about the glasses, "Mom, I can't look at you in those glasses." Wow, what an interesting person J is. He's a great boy...I love the image of you 2 snacking on donuts and chatting together. Very nice post, Christie. Oh, I also got a chuckle out of "I never think about school."-- what a comfort for you. :)


Loved this entire post. I can already tell you what I'll be doing for most of the rest of the night. I'm going to be reading every post and interview I can find about your TCKs. When I first saw the title of your post, I wondered what the heck a TCK was. LOL! I love this little kid. He's all over the place and in his own world and yet wants to save us all. I found myself smiling, laughing and sniffling by the end.

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