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Janet James

S- you certainly have grown to be a beautiful, caring and smart young lady. I'm sure you will have no trouble re-acquainting with and making new friends once you return "home" . You'll have to bring your violin to Smiths Falls, where you and your cousin Rhiannon can play beautiful music together ( she plays violin as well.) Your great- grandfather Smith would be thrilled with your love of history, as that was his favorite subject to teach in high school.
We will welcome you back to North America, where we can become reacquainted with you and your siblings once again.
See you soon!

Love, Aunt Janet


Thanks, Aunt Janet, for a lovely comment. We look forward to seeing you soon!


What a beautiful, thoughtful daughter you have! She knows exactly how to make friends and those instructions will do her good no matter where she is. I can tell that she has a big heart. I like meat pies, too. I know that I'll miss those, but I'll also miss the people. It's the human connections that can be the bardest to break. I feel her pain, but know that she'll be fine. What a sweetheart! It was wonderful to see the "then and now" pics too. Just look at how much she's grown up. You have a lot to be proud of. :)


Thanks so much for those very kind and compassionate words, Yvette. It is so helpful to read a response like yours during this challenging time in our lives. S appreciated it too :).


Thank you! S, I can hardly believe how much you've grown.
I'm always struck by the simple wisdom of children. Great interview, S! Keep on being the beautiful girl you are, inside and out.

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