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Janet James

This interview is so special! I can hardly wait to get to know your kids better ! They are real troupers! See you in the summer!


Christie, You will be in my thoughts and prayers in the upcoming weeks. You have had one amazing blessed opportunity! I still remember the girls last sewing class and you were talking to Lynn about Australia. She loved it there. Boy does time fly by!!! As for discoveries, if Cameron ever goes into the scientific field, we could really use a cure for diabetes:) You have done an absolutely beautiful job with your blog. I have many colorful desktop pictures thanks to your awesome picture taking abilities.lol If you need anything when you return home, please do not hesitate to contact me. God Bless!


Hi Aunt Janet! We are looking forward to meeting up with you sometime in the next few months. Thanks for your words.

Nikki, What a great suggestion to work on a cure for diabetes. There really are lots more things to be discovered out there. I had forgotten about talking to Lynn about Australia, but she is the one who first told us about kangaroos on the Anglesea golf course (where we have taken many of our guests). Great to hear from you again.


Another wonderful interview! For most boys his age playing footy, Aussie rules style, is the best! Add in cricket as a summer sport and you have the quintessential sports for Aussie boys, in Victoria. Now rowing is very much a private school sport but I certainly miss those days of running my kids to and fro. The river for rowing training, roaming the city to other schools for cricket and footy and soccer. I had one boy who played footy and one who played soccer. One daughter rowed and the other played hockey and soccer. It is obvious he has grown so much and I well understand about you being the proud mother walking down the street! He is certainly a 'man' who knows what he wants to say - or not - as the case may be. I'm guessing he will take a little while to settle down once you return but it will happen.


Jo-Anne, I really appreciate all of your thoughts in this comment. I did think as I was typing this up that footy was very "Melbourne" or "Victorian" as opposed to Australian (if we had ended up in Sydney, no doubt Cameron would have ended up playing rugby instead), and also of course that rowing is a private school sport as opposed to an Australian one. But I was too lazy to make the distinctions. My point was that this child has tried the new things presented to him in the particular environment we have found ourselves living---an environment in which it so happens that most of the high school age kids living in our Melbourne suburb attend private schools. Thanks for the clarifications and kind words.

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