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This looks like a lovely trip! I literally want to live in that big - hollow at the bottom - tree. I am imagining decorating the inside with lots of cushions to sit on... perhaps a little table... to set my tea pot and cup... gonna need a lantern... It is gonna be the best little book nook ever (cause that is what I am going to do... sit...read books... and drink tea.) Of course, no spiders or anything venomous aloud! Lol. Sorry - that tree just really inspired me. Lol.

Janet James

Great photos! Looks really lovely there. I'm sure the pictures will evoke great memories for your parents. I really like the family photo. Saved it to my photo album!


So lovely. I have such fond memories of our one trip on the Great Ocean Road. I can certainly see how it would warrant many trips back and one last look. Such a special place.


Oh my friend, my heart aches with yours over the "last times". I know you will go back to visit but it won't be the same as when you lived in this beautiful place. The pictures are stunning, the water is blue. I wish I could sit by myself and look at it for a day.
May God give you strength and peace for the day. Praying for you!


Wow! What a beautiful place. I'm sure you'll miss it, but at least you were given the opportunity to experience it many times over. Mr. Smith and I love hiking trails like that. That huge hollowed-out tree is really great, but I can also appreciate the path with a canopy of palms spilling over the top. Those beaches ... the koalas ... what's not to love?


You are very right, Yvette. We have been given so many wonderful opportunities during our time in Australia. I hope you can make it to the Great Ocean Road sometime.

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