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You've really captured that surreal in-between feeling. I think sometimes the time in limbo can be the hardest part of a big move because emotions are running so high. Once you get to the business of moving, you at least have something to do to keep your mind busy. Good luck in the coming days!


Thanks so much, Cristin. I do think that you are right. The in-between time is the most difficult in several ways.

Monique Nagel

Safe travels (and packing) my friends!!


Thanks for that, Monique. You know a thing or two about packing and moving … going to Texas is almost like moving to another country!


Hi Christie, I used to read your blog when you first moved here to Melbourne and I have just revisited it in the past few hours. My, how your children have grown! I had to smile at your interview with your youngest, as I recall you writing about him constantly asking when he'd be going back to 'Pittsbird'! (sorry, I don't recall the exact spelling).

Before I had children, my husband and I lived in Europe. We had a good life there, very much enjoyed the experience and although I was quite homesick and looking forward to going home, leaving was quite difficult. My hat's off to you for making your move with a family! My husband and I have spoken about living in Europe again for no more than a year and although, being homeschoolers, we don't have to worry about the schools side of things, I do admit the family moving/change of scenery/etc is enough to make me rather anxious! This is where your blog has been such a source of positivity because I have enjoyed reading about all of your experiences here and I realise now just how fortunate my children would be if we did make a move.

Thank you for sharing your family's journey with us and I very much appreciate your advice for expats. Although I have quite a few years experience of being an expat, I have never done so with children and I am sure I will return to reference your blog when I need some inspiration and reassurance :)

All my very best wishes to you and your family!


Dear Veganopoulous,
Thanks for checking in! Our youngest has given us all a laugh from time to time with his misnomers: Pittsbird, Cyndey (Sydney) and Darlin' (Darwin). I hope you get to make that move to Europe, even if just for a year---it is such a different experience than visiting as a tourist.
All the best!

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