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Julie McMahon

Christie, I have just spent several engrossed hours catching up on your blog. I am so sad to read that you are leaving and though we haven't ever even met, I feel like a friend is going! I look to your blog for ideas of things to do here in Melbourne- you and your family have continued to embrace life in this country- sometimes that is difficult to do when the routine of the ordinary sets in. You write so beautifully (and your photos are gorgeous); please continue to share you insights with all of us. I wish you all the best as your next chapter unfolds.


Hi Julie,
Your kind words mean so much to me---thank you! All the best to you and your family as well.


Hi Christie, I am going to miss your adventures around Melbourne. Living in the city as an Aussie we tend to take it for granted. You have opened my eyes a little to the wonder of this city and what is has to offer. Having grown up in Sydney I have never wanted to return as I love living in this city so much.

I think I can 'feel' you pain at having to leave so many things you have loved about living in Australia. You have given your children something few children get to experience and enjoy. But you have family who you miss and they miss you. Family is everything and you have such a beautiful one. Your children now need to have their extended family as they grow into their teens/late teens and into adulthood. This experience will be different for each of them but all will carry a sense of fondness for the time they lived downunder. There are so many positives for the time you have ahead. I am also thinking you have given thanks to our God for this life changing experience and He understands the difficulty in letting go and moving on. While you assist your children through this, who will assist you? Bless you in all your goodbyes, in your journey home and the resettling period that awaits you. I look forward to hearing about your new adventures back home. Which reminds me, will you be starting a new blog and where will you post that info. (Sorry if you have addressed this 'somewhere' in previous posts that I have missed)


Hi Jo-Anne,
Your comment came through at a time when I really needed it. I appreciate your thoughts more than you will know. One goal I have had throughout the past four years is the practice of gratitude to our heavenly Father. In this goal I have often failed, but I am glad for the underlying bedrock of faith in a God who will assist us every step of the way.

As for the blog, for now I plan to continue posting at The Plunge Down Under---I figure repatriation is part of the whole process. I will be sure to update readers if/when that changes! Thanks for asking.

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