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Beautifully written Christie. You certainly got my tears flowing!


Thank you for that Sarah. Now if only I could cry.

Aunt Marion

I love you Christie! It is a rare gift to have such a special friend. I'm happy for you.


That's very kind of you Aunt Marion. It is indeed rare.

Monique nagel

This is obviously not just a friendship for a season. I,m sure the two of you will find unique and new fun ways to maintain, and even grow, your friendship. I am so glad you found a friendship like this...they are so rare these days.
Cheers to lifetime friendship!!


I will raise my glass to that, Monique. Cheers to lifetime friendship.

Joseph Smith

Christie, this farewell letter to such a close friend was one of the most touching things I've read in a long time. Your writing shows a lot of depth in revealing a deep friendship that far surpasses the superficiality of so many relationships. Thanks so much for sharing this. Don't forget, you'll only be 28 hours apart.


Thanks for that, Dad. I really appreciate your comment as well as your support throughout our Australian adventure.

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