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This list made me laugh so hard! Agree wholeheartedly that these things would never be missed by me should I ever decide to live abroad. I think Australia is one of the most over regulated countries in the world and it appears to be getting worse. On the roads especially. I got a parking ticket in Feb that made me fume. I had paid the parking meter for one hour knowing that was more than I needed. Turned out I needed some pathology tests and ended up 15 minutes later than I paid for, and had the unwanted parking ticket on my windscreen. Not only is it ridiculous but my fury was that I would have to pay $79 for the fine on top of the $4 I had put in, in the first place. Also agree on the distance from anywhere else in the world AND the flies! As for the post office, can relate to your experiences with much anger. A trip to my post office is always cause for a strong cup of something prior, just in case. The first thing that gets me angry is a long queue that is ever present because only half the staff are on ALL THE TIME! I never go late in the afternoon unless I want to waste an hour. Early in the morning is the safest but even that time can be a test in patience. As for the staff, you've said it all! Little bureaucrats that like nothing more than to wield their power over a parcel! Quite funny if it wasn't so damned frustrating. Parrots, yes and I would add magpies. They are horrid birds in the nesting season. I've even been held hostage by one in my house as it seems to know when I'm heading for the clothes line. One day as I peered out my laundry door and thought all was safe to make a run for it I heard a noise and looked up. There it was, perched on my gutter looking down at me, I swear it had a big grin! No going to the clothes line without an umbrella for protection! Awkward carrying a clothes basket! Even my little boy when he wished to play in the sandpit was pecked several times and became too afraid to play outside. We called the national parks and wildlife and they gave my little boy a cap with eyes on the top which meant the magpies wouldn't go near him. Took him a while to feel safe though! Sorry for my own blogpost as a comment but this post sure got me going! Best wishes to everyone and know you will be very much missed here, and appreciated back home. xxx


Thanks Joanne! I was so glad to get your comment because it means TypePad was up and operating again. It's been almost a full week now of disruptions. My 11yo daughter advised me that I should have included magpies in my list of birds that we won't miss. I see that you would have agreed with her!


I learned a lot from this post! Very interesting.


If you feed the magpies during nesting season, they're good. Bribe them!

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