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This was a very powerful post for me to read - not because of anything in particular you've said overtly, but because of the underlying sense I get of all the emotions going on. I look forward to reading more about your repatriation. It makes me feel a little bit homesick, but also that I might feel rather lost when I return.
No advice on the name of your blog. I can't even decide what I want to call mine! I've always quite liked your title. Maybe keep the "Plunge" part for continuity, if you do decide to change it?


Hi Christie! I love your blog title. You could add "and back" to the end.lol I hope you have a wonderful rest of your vacation:)


Thanks, Cristin. I'm sure we will have more to say about repatriation as the days and weeks go by.

Nikki, Thanks for the suggestion for the title!

Crystal Keller

Welcome back to America - I'm relieved to know you plan to continue your very honest and wonderful blog. I'm looking forward to seeing American through your eyes. I thought the name you gave this entry was the new name for your blog - Resurface from the Plunge Down Under. But perhaps another name will come to you as you consider it more, after a few nights of sleep.
Much love for you and all in your family.

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