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Pinky Watson

Strange and untethered. Yes. But really, the fact that orange cheese and proper hot dogs are freely available…. Good one Christie


No picture of the Pavlova ??? I'm sure it was fine. Try the Lamingtons next time.


I did take a photo of the meringue when it came out of the oven, but neglected to get one after I added the cream and berries. I decided that pavlova really needs passion fruit to counteract the sweetness of the meringue, so I need to find a source for that in Pittsburgh.

Pinky, Do you really miss the orange cheese??

Barbara O'Connell Rowland

Great to hear you've arrived home safely, Christie. We miss you on a Tuesday afternoon! Pavlova really needs to be cooked at a low temperature for about 90 minutes to dry the meringue out. Sometimes if it weeps it means the sugar has been added too quickly - happened to mine last week. They say to test if it's all dissolved by rubbing a small amount between two fingers. There should be no grains of sugar felt and if there is, keep mixing. Anyway, good luck with that. I really enjoy your blog BTW.
You have a great voice.


Thanks so much Barbara for the tips on making pavlova and for the kind words. I will remember them the next time that I attempt to make a perfect meringue. I really miss all of you on Tuesday afternoons as well. Hope your writing is going well.

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