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Lovely post, Christie, you said it all so well. Now you understand the secrets of photography, the very best one being the way it opens our eyes. You got some beautiful pictures, as always. Thinking of you as you adjust to being back in PA.


Shanda, it's thanks to you that I ever considered getting a better camera in the first place. I read recently that the greatest gift of writing is that it teaches you to be a better reader---I see some parallels there to how photography teaches one to look properly.


I'm so happy to follow your blog, Christie. Reading about your experiences going back home helps me to know what to expect if and when I do the same. I know that our lives are different, but I need to realize that going home presents its own challenges after the roller coaster of moving to Sydney. Thanks for keeping my eyes open!


Glad it's helpful to you, Yvette. I realize now that I should have read more about other people's experiences before we decided to make a big move like this.


It's nice after the rain. It makes me think of the term "post tenebras lux". After darkness; light.... There's a hope there. Keep taking your after the rain evening photos Christie.


Pittsburgh seems to be providing lots of opportunities this summer for "after the rain" photos. At least things are staying green and lush.

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