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Annie Hofler


I love your photos! My favorite is the 2nd one -- the red berries stand out nicely against the leaves and twigs.

And I love that you say transformation happened when you decided to take your camera along. I have found that simple actions can lead to substantial changes; it's especially gratifying when I can identify the shift, as you have, and choose it again when opportunity arises.

Enjoy the beautiful fall weather and colors!


Thanks for those comments, Tina. I hope you are enjoying this great weather in your neck of the woods as well.


"one of the biggest benefits of photography as a hobby is not the documentation of extraordinary events, but rather the new eyes that it gives you to find beauty in the everyday moments." This and your closing line---SO true. What a beautiful night....J is so cute and what a blessing that he wants to read the Bible! Exodus does have a lot of excitement in it, anyway.


It is a blessing. We have read up to the tenth plague now, and yes, there is lots of excitement in the first half of Exodus. As for the benefits of photography, I learned about finding joy in the everyday moments from you.

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