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Margery Zeller

I look forward to your posts, Christie, for the way you meld your thoughts and photos...always insight, authentic, inspiring. You are a gifted writer and photographer! Thank you for sharing your talents. :-)


Thank you so much for those very kind words, Margery. They were much appreciated today.


Gorgeous images, and thank goodness for gifts like this from nature when we need a moment of grace and perspective.


Grace and perspective--I am in need of both of those right now!


I agree with Margery. Your blog is special. Praying that you and the family are okay.
I drove to Community Bible Study today and passed by a most beautiful bright red tree. I think it was a Japanese Maple (it was def. an ornamental tree) in someone's yard. Sometimes when the sun shines through colorful leaves it gives me a thrill of delight. HUGS.

Marilyn Gooey

Hi christie, What wonderfull colours in the trees in your part of the worldI continue as always to read your blog , this is the first time I have commented . You give so much pleasure in your writng & the amazing photographs. we continue to pray for you & family .


Marilyn, It was so nice to get a comment from you today. I have probably written too many posts about the changing leaves, but I'm glad you have enjoyed seeing our trees. We think of you often with fond thoughts.

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