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It seems like just a short while ago you were homeschooling your children in PA, now they've been to Australia where they blossomed and grew, went to nice schools, played sports, socialized with new friends, and now you're back.....and they need time to settle into their new places. Maybe you can treat PA with the same excitement you eventually treated Australia! Embrace the country music, K, or do a blog post about how weird it is. LOL I can't imagine Christie, as a mom, how you're feeling with them all adjusting (and you, too!) but as your friend and blog reader, I just want to encourage you! You're a thoughtful, wise Mother and your children are blessed in your care.
BTW, Grace says you better visit us this summer. ;)


Thanks so much for the encouragement, Shanda. I will endeavor to take your advice about embracing Pittsburgh more :). Tell Grace that we hope to visit. We didn't get to take our car trip to New Brunswick this summer, but hopefully it will happen next year!

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