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What a beautiful post, AND what a gorgeous kitchen! Just think of the dinner parties you can host now!


Thank you so much. No more excuses now not to send out invitations for dinner :). You are welcome anytime!


I'm so excited to share a verse with you that struck me yesterday! I had to stop my study in Romans (here at home on the couch, trying to get it done for Wednesday) to write it down: "For the fruit of light is found in all that is good and right and true." Ephesians 5:9. we are light! because we have Jesus inside us, and we bear the fruit of light. Such an amazing thought, isn't it?
I am reading "At Home in Mitford" and it's quite refreshing. I read it once before and then never did continue reading the series of books so I look forward to doing so over the next few months. I am also still plugging away on Les Mis, what a wonderful book!
Hugs to you.


Thanks Shanda. I hope you enjoy the Mitford series. I read the first one for a book club years ago, and then finished the entire series. They were "laugh out loud" books for me once I got to know the characters well.

Crystal Keller

Christie - Love the kitchen lights and how large and open the kitchen looks. You certainly snapped that shot at a good time when there was light to make it glow.


Just 10 more days and we'll start going back the other way!


Thanks Crystal! And hooray for that reminder that the daylight will soon be on the increase ...

Marilyn Gooey

Loved your new kitchen -- the red looks really good. Just home from the carol service at MPC -- alovely programme & the choir sang In the bleak midwinter among many others, Its my favourite carol as I remember it from when I lived in England as a child & went to the old church at Shaugh Prior built in 1200 !!! We do miss you all Christie. love Marilyn.


Hi Marilyn, We were just wondering about the carol service when we woke up this morning. Glad to hear it was a lovely programme---missing you all very much, particularly this weekend!


Just happened to pop over to catch up a bit. Wow, your kitchen is gorgeous! I'm looking at the fridge....or is that the freezer? We may have same taste. Anyways, so glad you are in the homestretch. Feels good, doesn't it? Hope you all had a lovely Christmas. Hope to see you soon. Hugs!


Yes, it's the freezer. The matching fridge stands next to it (but you can't see it in this photo)---it may look a bit industrial, but I love the extra space for storing cold stuff!

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