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We, too, prefer to travel rather than purchase more things, and I have the same observation you do about Americans. Seems like most think spending time and money to visit friends or go on vacations is not as well spent as those big ticket buys like cars or new furniture or a bigger house. [or even lots of smaller, everyday purchases, which all add up over time]

Living away from family and many friends, it's often hard to get others to come visit me. I value my friends that are willing to make the trip! :-)


Love the pictures! They are so cool!


Sounds wonderful. Your compare and contrast of Australian/experiences and Americans/possessions is spot on. Thanks for articulating it so well.


Love it! You are installing a wonderful perspective in your children!

Aunt Marion

I am very excited that you are making the trek back to Melbourne! It will be three years next month since we visited you there. What an incredible experience that was for us.. we still talk about that time very often. I hope you have a wonderful trip back to that amazing city and have fun reuniting with friends!

Marilyn Gooey

We are all looking forward to seeing you & how much the children have grown. Hope you will enjoy our new music at church. I so enjoy reading your blog & hearing about your family & of course your excellent photography.

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