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Christie - I love reading your posts- we just moved back from living in melbourne and would agree with a lot of your observations here. But the one thing that's been different for us is that our kids are actually learning things here now. We were in public school in australia and we have a high schooler,middle and elementary - in the 2 years we were there they learned nothing new and came back 2 years behind. They loved the no homework and no tests and no grades there but they were very under challenged and now while hating all the homework love learning again - but your article is well written


Hi Susan, Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and experiences. It's always fun for me to hear from readers. Our kids attended a Catholic school (the boys) and a Presbyterian school (the girls), but it seemed to me that the public schools near us were very good, at least at the primary level. No doubt some are better than others, just as happens here. I'm glad your kids are loving learning again.


So good to hear your observations and thoughts. Well put as always.


You brought up thoughtful and interesting points. I myself was convicted by what you wrote about being preoccupied with grades rather than content. And oh, as a mom with six children in school, how I wish there were longer recesses! It would make a world of difference in all the children, I'm sure.


Wow I must say the Australian schools sound wonderful, and we Americans could probably learn a lot from them!


It's true that I painted a good picture of them--some of that is probably due to the rose-colored glasses of nostalgia. But yes, I think there are things we could learn.

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