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What a marvelous post. This is one of my favorite things I've read in ages. There's so much emotion and love in this list. It's a wonderful reminder of how healing and precious a love of books can be at every stage in our life. They are one of the few things that are always there for us.


Christie, I stopped reading the m and c series when I found out that the books didn't end deliberately but with the death of the author (I hope I'm remembering properly)....how does that effect the series? Do you feel that there is closure when you finish the last one?
I have not been able to concentrate on a book lately, I don't know why. I hope I'm not ruining my brain with social media. I'm working on "orphan train" now and am almost done with Les Mis.
I'm reading bleak house, too! Have you watched the mini series? It's so so good.
I think G and C could talk for hours about Sherlock. ;)
Winnie the Pooh, quite wonderful reading.
My children listen to Lord of the Rings books on audible, also Dickens (but I forgot which one)....they love to listen to them as they fall asleep. Great post, C!!


Shanda, I felt that the M and C series was complete with the 20th volume. I have, however, read what O'Brian wrote when he started the 21st volume, and it did leave me wanting more. And I have had times lately, particularly in the past twelve months, when I have been unable to concentrate on books. For me it's related to stress and busyness. If my mind is too full, I can't slow down enough to read at night.

I'll have to try the Bleak House mini series ... Thanks for the recommendation!

Cristin, Thanks so much for your kind words. I nearly took the post down last night because I wasn't sure it would resonate with very many people. I really appreciated reading your comment when I woke up this morning.

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