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Tanya Assender

C you are a beautiful person! Thank u for sharing the raw experiences and true emotion! We are so grateful you and R were brave enough to step out include Australia in your lives. We r all messed up if we're honest! Your words made me cry.....all the ups and downs are extremely painful, but absolutely worth it! We miss u and your lovely family. Prayers for u all often. Tanya.


Thanks so much for those kind words, Tanya! We miss you guys very much as well.


I so love your writing in these repatriation posts. You've dug so deeply into the well of emotions for the whole family (without compromising their privacy!) and shown what a long and ongoing experience the expat existence is.


Thanks Cristin! Right now I'm thinking that the expat experience is a life long one.


I agree with Tanya, there is vulnerability and honesty in this post that reaches your readers' hearts. I haven't had the experiences you have but after reading your words I can imagine in a small way how you must feel. I'm so glad that the children have made some valuable adjustments. Thinking of you!


I can't imagine how hard it would be and we've only been gone for :4 years. Good luck and keep truckin :)

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