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LOL Please no loud noises in the morning!! I can't imagine you making loud noises, Christie! So cute. *sigh* I am soooo with you on the end of year, and then throw in two recent business trips for Rich. I wonder how many times I can tell him how tired I am and make him understand. J and E are also learning to drive and going to drivers classes, there is little league going on, etc, Jacob's graduation and party coming up. I'll breathe a sigh of relief MAYBE on Monday, June 22.
So glad you found a worth cup of cappuccino. I've been wondering about you and your coffee. I'm sure you're glad to have half n half again?
LOVED the two pictures showing the fast green growth!


Yes, love the half and half, however we drink mostly lattes and cappuccinos now so I rarely use it. Hope all goes well with Jacob's graduation party--wish we could pop in for it!

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